Director of Student Development and Activities candidate Jamie Minns presents a comprehensive manifesto aimed at ensuring all societies and students achieve success.

As a member of the Student Services Council (SSC) for two years as Charities Convenor, and a previous member of his hall’s committee, his words highlight his knowledge and experience with society management, fundraising and student opinion and experience.


Mr Minns vows to schedule office hours to answer student queries and maintain an open-door policy while he is in the office.

He also vows to help new societies flourish by working with the Students’ Association to compose a simple guide on how to create a society.

Additionally, he wishes to promote the funding available to students from the Students’ Association – another way to help societies reach their full potentials.

On supporting postgraduate students, Mr Minns seeks to ensure their access to summer activities by liaising with postgraduate students and outlining opportunities and resources available to them during the summer holiday.


Mr Minns wishes to maintain the progress on alternative career opportunities by extending career events to student organisations, planning to work with groups including the Charities Campaign, On the Rocks and the Creative Careers Panel.

He plans to expand Careers Week following its inaugural week this year by embedding it into the Students’ Association calendar.

Mr Minns also hopes to improve communication between the Students’ Association and Careers Centre, seeing that the Centre adopts student suggestions and advice.

Though his ideas for liasing are strong, Mr Minns lacks specificity regarding how he will improve Careers Week.


Mr Minns feels that heads of societies should receive sufficient training at the beginning of the year through workshops with the DoSDA, Students’ Association staff and Societies Officer and Committee. He plans to work with these groups to prepare these workshops. He also hopes to encourage collaboration between societies so they can learn from each other’s successes and mistakes.

Regarding all students, whether or not they hold roles in societies, he wants to continue expanding training initiatives by expanding collaborations between the Students’ Association and CAPOD, holding workshops, and improving student access to the Professional Skills Curriculum.

Volunteer recognition

Mr Minns proposes student recognition by increasing the visibility of Societies Awards, Gives Back Awards and Honorary Life Membership Awards, among others, to highlight achievements and opportunities for students.

He also wishes to improve the pilot Volunteer Recognition Scheme by gathering and analysing student feedback.

Final assessment

Mr Minns’ experience with fundraising and SSC makes him a strong candidate for the position of DoSDA, which is clear in his focus on improving society management and student growth.

However, he appears vague on some issues of improving existing current endeavours, including expanding Careers Week and increasing the visibility of student awards.


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