Ms Smith believes her skills and understanding of a range of issues qualify her for Director of Wellbeing. She aims to “introduce real, positive change to wellbeing in St Andrews.”

During her time in St Andrews, Ms Smith has served as President of Sexpression, Member for Gender Equality with Saints LGBT+, and member of the Wellbeing subcommittee.


Ms Smith’s proposals for wellbeing are the most comprehensive of her manifesto.

She proposes making mental health and first aid training available to students, providing active listening training for society presidents, running mental health-centered events, and undertaking a “No Problem Too Small” Campaign.

Ensuring accessibility for all, Ms Smith’s proposals include academic family-centered events, increased support for those who do not drink alcohol, and social events out of term time.

On sexual health, she suggests the provision of free self-administered STI tests from Union reception and Student Services, increased availability of dental dams, and the arrangement of early training for hall condom reps.

Whilst this is a reasonable suggestion, more clarification is needed about funding such services.

Ms Smith intends to reform how overly drunk individuals are removed from the Union, train members of the student body with a GotConsent Bystander Intervention, work with the AU President to promote self-defence classes, and increase access to water on Friday and Saturday nights.

Equal Opportunities

Ms Smith’s aims for establishing equal opportunities focus on supporting the Equal Opportunities Committee and the Member for Widening Access.

She also intends to promote “Break the Glass Ceiling” events.


Ms Smith intends to increase transparency by requiring semester reports by all Union Representatives and School Presidents.

She also promises to maintain an open-door policy and circulate surveys to determine student difficulties.

Final analysis

Many of Ms Smith’s proposals for her DoWell candidacy are ambitious and creative. Although implementation of some ideas may be difficult, her ingenuity and temerity may well lead to beneficial reforms.

However, her manifesto is severely lacking in its plans to increase accessibility and ensure equal opportunity for all students.

This oversight on Ms Smith’s part may indicate a fundamental misunderstanding of the hurdles to access that many students face.


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