Having had two years of presidential experience with the Basketball club, Fiona Murray believes she has the experience and passion to be a successful AU president.

In her manifesto she says that she wants to provide the same opportunity for all clubs so they can all receive the recognition they deserve and be successful.


Ms Murray emphasises the need to expand face-to-face communication within the AU by having more office hours and making Club Excellent Forums more of an open committee discussion.

She also mentions having committee training sessions early on to make sure committees are fully prepared in September.

Greater communication should ensure that small grievances are more easily ironed out, whilst the open committee discussions should ensure all clubs benefit from each other.


Mental health is a key focus for Ms Murray. She aims to provide Scottish Mental Health training for all committee members so they can better help struggling teammates and to set up closer links between the DoWell, Student Services and AU.

While positive measures, it is unclear whether Student Services has the resources to provide such consistent support to the AU on top of its current commitments.


Ms Murray feels students deserve more information about finances, performance sport criteria, and recognition for non-BUCS sport teams. She wishes to establish a closer relationship with the Department for Sport.

Whilst she mentions being more vocal about these issues, there is no indication on how more information could be provided to students.


Finding a new kit provider is high on Ms Murray’s priorities, and she recognises the numerous factors which influence this.

She suggests the decision will be influenced by club presidents and captains sitting on a panel to discuss issues before a final decision is voted on.

She wants to choose a provider that caters to “a core group of teams.”

The idea of a panel to discuss the new provider would recognise a broad variety of issues, but selecting a provider that would focus on a core group could leave specialist clubs without appropriate gear.

While voting on the final decision widens those involved in the decision, if the AU president receives feedback from their kit panel, are they not best placed to make the executive decision regarding kit providers?

A vote could leave smaller clubs stranded or result in a heavy financial burden on the AU.


Ms Murray proposes to tackle the issue of transport by making driving tests available during revision week, pre-season and Freshers’ Week, so clubs will have sufficient drivers by the time the BUCS season kicks off.

Getting more drivers is a solution to many transport issues, but it is unclear how Ms Murray would make driving tests available during revision week this year as the current incumbent would still technically be in charge.

Sporting Events

Ms Murray suggests creating a more established Varsity with the University of Dundee to further boost the Saints Sport image, reducing transport costs and offering more housing flexibility.

Giving fixtures and competitions a rivalry and edge is a great move and gives members of clubs across the University another big occasion to work towards and take pride in, as well as giving fans more to cheer about.

Recreational Sport

To make the sporting experience more accessible, Ms Murray would put more emphasis on improving recreational sport experiences by promoting and expanding the current options.

Making sport more accessible, especially for clubs with fewer facilities and coaching staff, is a positive move for the whole student body.

Final Thoughts

Ms Murray has a vision for improving the sporting experience, including several well thought-out initiatives.

However, some of these ideas lack any real specifics and her policies in regards to kit appear a little short-sighted and potentially risky for smaller clubs who could be left without appropriate attire come the start of her tenure.


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