Christopher Wilde is a third year studying English and management with previous experience representing the Students’ Association.

In his manifesto, Mr Wilde states that he has over fifteen years of experience in numerous roles and industries and believes he has the skills and passion to take on this role.


One part of his pledge for transparency is to make himself, class representatives, and tutors more accessible to students.

Mr Wilde promises to conduct one-on-one meetings with all class representatives in the first four weeks of election.

However, this would be severly time-consuming given how many representatives there are, and it may serve him better to meet with school presidents and class representatives by subject or faculty instead.

Mr Wilde proposes having the University review December exam diets to ensure there is a sufficient break between exams and Christmas. However, an alternative timeline is not suggested.

Mr Wilde also addresses environmental concerns by promising to end paper hand-ins and have coursework handled online. This would serve as a more efficient and less wasteful alternative to printing assignments.


Mr Wilde focuses on making the postgraduate transition to St Andrews smoother by providing mentorship programs and increasing social events.

He also hopes to make the acceptance process timelier to reduce anxiety for incoming students. However, this depends on admissions and visa application processes and may be difficult to change.

Mr Wilde says that he would ensure PGRs are given reasonable timelines for marking and are compensated appropriately.


Mr Wilde hopes to increase the number of career fairs that are field-specific, as well as working with the Careers Centre to connect students with more internship and mentorship programs.

Such improvements, if truly implemented, would be invaluable to students seeking work experience in their areas of study.

Final Assessment

Mr Wilde puts a great emphasis on improving communication between student representatives, tutors and students while improving transparency.

While Mr Wilde makes many suggestions for improvements in the student experience at St Andrews, some of his promises seem difficult to implement.


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