Annabelle von Moltke undoubtedly has the best interests of students at heart, as her manifesto reflects. She presents many good ideas, some in less depth than would be expected.

Nonetheless, if elected Association President it’s possible that these details could be ironed out.


Ms von Moltke has a clear understanding of what her remit is in terms of accommodation. Her experience in organising and campaigning could serve a useful purpose in lobbying the University for affordable accommodation.

Ms von Moltke promises to promote awareness of the rights of a tenant.

Although it is an admirable pledge, much of the information and support she describes is already provided by the Students’ Association. Whilst she acknowledges this, Ms von Moltke needs to elaborate on how she would improve the support.

Student Activism

Ms von Moltke asserts that she will encourage student activism by organising a range of “inspirational speakers” to address the student body.

Whilst a good concept and plausible in practice, it remains to be seen who these speakers will be and how exactly they will benefit student activism.

Perhaps, these speaking events would be better characterised as student participation, as there is no doubt there will be considerable student interest in these events.

Ms von Moltke’s idea to introduce an informal cafe or pub office hour is a good idea and may help the student body to become more familiar with the sabbaticals who represent them.

However, for the sake of professionalism and obtaining ac-curate feedback, hosting these in a pub is not an option that should be considered.

President Activism

The section of Association President Activism pertains mainly to Brexit.

Aside from addressing students in a quarterly email regarding progress on Brexit, nothing stands out as a new or innovative method of campaigning on behalf of students here, nor is it mentioned.

Ms von Moltke must inform her electorate of the means by which she will achieve her objectives.

However, it must be noted that Ms von Moltke correctly identifies what she will be campaigning for, all of which are interests of the student body subject to the Brexit negotiations.

The sentiment of this section is well founded and has student interests at heart, although does require more work.

Mental Health

The issue of mental health is one that Ms von Moltke has clearly thought about considerably.

She proposes that lectures be held on the issue of mental health in collaboration with the University.

This may be possible and might offer students a different and perhaps more comfortable environment in which to be educated on the issues of mental health.

However, Ms von Moltke also calls for a review of Student Services.

Whilst perhaps a good idea, this may not be feasible as, like many other candidates, Ms von Moltke has confused her remit with that which belongs to the University.

If her promised review or further training of staff were to take place, Ms von Moltke would have to work with or lobby the University to do so, which is not made clear in this manifesto.


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