Director of Events candidate Adam Powrie is a fourth year student with four years spent behind the Union bar and with experience as Head of Events for Szentek.

He puts his manifesto forward under three main aims: entertainment, access, and collaboration.


Mr Powrie admits that the small size of our University is an issue in terms of attracting large acts, but he hopes that collaborations with other universities can help fix this and reignite the night life of St Andrews.

It remains to be seen if these measures can help bring events back from allegations of a lacklustre Refreshers’ Week, and clarity on specific entertainment acts is lacking.

Mr Powrie also aims to utilise the outside space at the Union by promising to fill it by introducing stalls and activities.

Perhaps most importantly, Mr Powrie plans to work with the Director of Wellbeing and Got Consent team to improve awareness of wellbeing and safety on nights out.

This would involve training as many of the bar staff, Ents team, and other Union-goers as possible about consent.

While his claims are ambiguous, there can be no doubt that as DJ Convenor for the Union, Deputy Head of Events for the Charities Campaign, and co-organiser of the Rugby Sevens After party, Mr Powrie has experience that would be handy in the role of Director of Events.


Mr Powrie also wants to extend training which is currently reserved for only the Presidents and Treasurers of societies to Events Officers for all societies at the start of each academic year.

He argues that this would allow the Union to be used to its full potential through instruction in planning guidelines, timescales for events and health and safety information.

Mr Powrie asserts that feedback systems for events should be improved through online forums, quick social media polls, and a voting system.

The voting system would allow societies and students a format to have influence over Bop themes, similar to the initiatve by incumbent Hannah Jacobs for week 8, in return for re-wards like free Bop tickets to encourage participation and more feedback.


In terms of collaboration, Mr Powrie states how he wishes to form relationships with non-Union affiliated groups and events.

He does adequately expand on how this would be done in particular within his manifesto.

Importantly, one of Mr Powrie’s aims as Director of Events will be to collate contact details from events officers, as to allow better communication between groups and facilitate new partnerships and exchanges of ideas.

Hopefully, this will streamline events culture and allow for greater variety within the Union.

Mr Powrie also promises that the Ents Crew will be assisted by a better exchange between societies and events, allowing for a more diverse use of lighting and effects at such events.

He wishes to draw upon the Union’s Design and Public Relations team, along with STAR Radio, to advertise Union events to a higher standard and thus increase turnout.

Final assessment

Mr Powrie’s experience is shown in his understanding of how more consistent collaboration is needed both inside the Union team and with bodies outside of it.

Factors such as the use of the outside space of the Union and concern with consent issues are also crucial as a Director of Events.

Mr Powrie will inevitably find it difficult to secure large acts for the Union, which he endeavours early on in his manifesto, while keeping prices low enough for all the student body to enjoy.

Yet, his ideas of collaboration with outside groups, if they work, could achieve just this and ensure that students get the best experience possible come Freshers and Refreshers Week in the next academic year.


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