Illustrations Issue 219

Snowed-in Saint Illustrators put their best brushes forward in issue 219. Featuring a cheeky chicken cartoon by Lindsey Wiercioch, an illustrated saying by Rachel Cripps, and three masterful boxing paintings by Edward Emery.

A Writer's Tools by Olivia Hendren
To Give a Man a Fish by Rachel Cripps
Fishy A&C Cover by Olivia Hendren
Blue Fight by Edward Emery
A Writer’s Tools by Olivia Hendren
Weighing the Games by Lindsey Wiercioch
Kentucky Fried Chicken Run by Lindsey Wiercioch
Snow Blow Away by Gabrielle Wolf
The Shape of Water by Reuben Morriss-Dyer
Ballroom Dancers by Marianna Panteli
Planes, Trains, and St Automobiles by Cosette Puckett
Golf Banner by Gabrielle Wolf
Sharing Sandwiches by Rachel Cripps
Fightin’ Anthony Joshua by Edward Emery
Neighbourhood Brawl by Edward Emery
Rose Tinted Spectacles by Lucy Robb


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