Go out and vote!

Voting is now open for the 2018 Students’ Association elections and closes at 5pm tomorrow.


Voting is now open for the 2018 Students’ Association elections. For this issue we’ve devoted our entire news section to covering the elections, analysing the manifestos provided by all the Sabbatical candidates. Our Devil’s Advocate in this issue addresses the validity of having six sabbatical officers.

Our approach to analysing the manifestos is simple. Having a close working relationship with the Sabbatical candidates during the year means we understand what is within their remit and what hopefuls for their positions should be able to achieve in their tenure.

Sabbatical candidates have a habit of biting off more than they can chew when it comes to promises. We aim to cut through the noise and give a clear and concise analysis of what is achievable and what simply is not.

As in previous years we have not endorsed any candidates, but merely provided our reflections on their manifestos and whether what they have suggested is plausible and has the best interests of students at heart.

It is pleasing to see all but one of the Sabbatical positions contested, especially in the cases of the Association President and Athletic Union President.

To see five and four people running for the positions respectively is incredibly encouraging and shows that people are not only engaged with student politics in this town, but incredibly passionate about making a difference.

A similar level of competition is found within the SRC and SSC elections as well as in those for Class Presidents.

It is important that we all have dedicated students representing our interests and needs, from those within the academic departments closest to us, to those of wellbeing, accommodation and sport.

We are privileged to consistently have one of the highest turnout levels in our student elections and with such a broad field this year, every vote will count.

Voting remains open until 5 pm tomorrow.

Our message to you is simple: go out and vote!


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