Glitterball cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, marquee damage

One of the reasons for cancellation was the notable damage to the marquee at the Spanish Gardens, which saw its roof blown off in the winds from the "Beast from the East" snowstorm.

Photo: Saints LGBT+

Saints LGBT+ announced yesterday that they have decided to cancel Glitterball 2018 for this Saturday, 3 March.

The announcement came less than an hour after the Proctor announced the suspension of all teaching for Thursday, 1 March.

Photo: Peter Farkasovsky (The Glitterball marquee lies in tatters)

They addressed guests on Facebook at 11am, saying, “After careful consideration with the University and our suppliers, we have regrettably had to cancel GLITTERBALL on Saturday. The adverse weather conditions this weekend would put everyone’s safety at risk, and your safety is our priority.”

One of the reasons for cancellation was the notable damage to the marquee at the Spanish Gardens. The roof of the marquee was blown off in the winds from the “Beast from the East” snowstorm, resting on the neighbouring building, and snow had begun to fill the floor of the venue.

As of Thursday afternoon, the wreckage was being assessed and cleaned up.

The Glitterball team spoke to The Saint on the cancellation, saying, “Glitterball is no longer taking place on Saturday following conversations with our suppliers and University staff, in light of the adverse weather conditions and the damages to the marquee that they caused. In this instance we had to follow the University’s protocol, and put the safety of our guests before anything else.”

They continued, “Glitterball is a very important part of the St Andrews calendar, and everyone involved is working together to find the best possible solution – we are not yet in a position to confirm what this will be. We would, however, like to reassure ticket-holders that we are looking at all available options and will keep everyone informed of developments with rescheduling and/or reimbursement as soon as they become clear.”

The Glitterball team will be holding an event in Sandy’s Bar on Saturday, 3 March, from 2pm to 6pm where ticket-holders will be able to voice their questions or concerns.

Glitterball first began in 2013 and it prides itself on being “the most anticipated glitter-based event in the St Andrews calendar.”


  1. So incredibly sad to see this picture. I can only imagine the many hours of organisation and planning which had gone into Glitterball 2018. As a ticket holder yes I’m disappointed but my heart goes out to LGBT+ and the Glitterball team who’ve worked so hard and given up so much of their own time in the lead up to the event. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that organisers have degree deadlines too. Thank you so much for all your efforts, I fully support whatever decision you take.❤️🌈


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