Fife Police reissue plea for information on Duncan Sim

Chief Inspector Steven Hamilton, who is leading the search for missing student Duncan Sim, spoke with The Saint earlier today and made another urgent plea for information in relation to the case.

Duncan Sim

Chief Inspector Steven Hamilton, who is leading the search for missing student Duncan Sim, has made another urgent plea for information in relation to the case.

Mr Sim, a 19 year-old Chemistry undergraduate at the University of St Andrews, was last seen leaving a social at the Madras Rugby Club near Old Station Road at 11 pm on Wednesday March 14 in the company of friends.

Mr Sim is described as a white male, 6ft tall, of medium build.

He has brown hair, green eyes and when last seen was wearing a grey-coloured suit jacket, white shirt, and a blue and white tie.

Police have asked anyone who had seen or spoken to Duncan since to dial 101 quoting incident reference number 2987.

Fife Police Division is specifically appealing to those who were in attendance of the Madras Rugby Club social on Wednesday night where Duncan was last seen.

Speaking to The Saint, Mr Hamilton said, “Anybody who hasn’t already been spoken to by the police, we urge to contact us just in case they have any more information that might give us a hint as to where Duncan may have gone.

Photo: Duncan Sim leaving ABH the night he was last seen.

“It could be the case that he spoke to somebody we have not yet spoken to, that could give us an idea of what he was thinking about and where he may have gone.”

Many students are currently abroad or have returned home for the spring break, which lasts from Monday 19 March until Friday 30 March.

Mr Hamilton said, “I’m always aware that through the break there’s going to be students that are not in the area, so again if we can reach students that are out of the area at the moment that would be great.

“If they could think back to Wednesday the 14th and if they were around about the area of the rugby club or the western entrance to St Andrews I would also urge them to look at the images from CCTV and the ones we have of Duncan provided by his family.”

Mr Hamilton continued, “[the public should] jog their minds and think back to what they were doing, and if they have got any information please contact us on 101. And my message to residents themselves of St Andrews, is to make sure that any vehicles out-building and places that Duncan could have found himself – [residents] check them.

Chief Inspector Hamilton also detailed the scale of the operation taking place.

“You’ve got teams that are working on CCTV, you’ve got teams that are doing telephone work and digital media work to make sure that we hit as many people as we possibly can to try and find Duncan safe and well. There’s over 100 police officers working on this enquiry and we are working 24/7.

“Once you factor in the army and the coastguard, students as well as the people that came up from Duns alone, – it’s a substantial number of people involved in trying to find Duncan.”

However, there has been no more substantial leads since the disappearance of Mr Sim on Wednesday 14 March.

Mr Hamilton also suggested that the public need be wary of social media, and furthermore asserted that everything that could be done by the police was being done.

“Effectively you get people that go on [social media] and say ‘have you considered checking his phone?’, have you considered ‘find my iPhone’, ‘have you considered CCTV?’. I discussed with Duncan’s dad yesterday, who is a doctor, that’s kind of like asking a doctor ‘have you considered checking a pulse?’.”

Mr Hamilton confirmed that Mr Sim’s phone, “ in terms of anything whether its Wi-Fi or networks, the last time Duncan’s phone indicates is just after 11 pm outside the rugby club.”


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