BREAKING NEWS: University formally cancels all teaching for Thursday 1 March

The decision to cancel teaching today stemmed from both the weather and police warnings about travel, whilst Ryman's, Janettas and the local cinema are amongst those businesses closed today.

Photo: Sasha Veliko-Shapko

The University has formally cancelled all teaching for Thursday, 1 March, due to intense weather conditions from the “Beast from the East” winter storm.

The Proctor confirmed the University’s decision at 9:52am via email to all students.

Along with the weather conditions, the decision to cancel teaching today also stemmed from police warnings about travel and multiple University buildings being closed today.

The email stated, “Teaching that is suspended today will be delivered at other times or by other means. … Our aim is to resume normal activities tomorrow. Any change to this position will be signalled by email to staff and students later today.”

The Proctor also noted, “Essential services are running as best they can, but in some cases with reduced staff, so please be patient.”

The Director of Residential Business Services (RBS) announced catering in University accommodation may be affected today. Though staff may be short, no halls have announced formal cancellation of their catering service.

The Proctor added that the library would open midday today if conditions allowed, though the library posted on Facebook that they would remain closed all of Thursday.

Many local businesses, including Janettas, Ryman’s, and the local cinema, are closed today, with many others suffering disruption to their usual opening times.

Other local businesses that were closed today or closed early include Subway, Cromars, Sam Brown Boutique, Jewel, Monsoon Accessorize, Edinburgh Woolen Mill, Phase Eight, Holland & Barrett, Boots, Superdry, New Look, Eden’s, Vodafone, Starbucks, Greggs, Clark’s, Paperchase, Podofit, Ryman’s, Superdrug, Tailend, and H&M.

Meanwhile, the main bar of the Union will not be serving any hot food during the day, although Rector’s Cafe is open as usual.

With the closure of the University of St Andrews, all schools in Fife are closed today after also being shut yesterday in the interests of safety.

Additionally, local transportation, including trains and buses, have been affected by the storms, with most being cancelled.


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