Moments ago, Paloma Paige was elected Students’ Association President narrowly beating Pia Szabo after all other candidates had been eliminated by the Single Transferable Voting system (STV).

Pia Szabo was winning with the most number of votes until the second to last round of voting.

Ms Paige secured more votes than their four opponents: Pia Szabo, Tom Groves, Annabelle von Moltke and Dominic Nolan.


Ms Paige’s victory follows an intense week of campaigning by all five Association President candidates.

This year’s turnout was slightly higher than the previous year at 37 per cent compared to last year’s 36 per cent.

In the second most contested race for AU president, Fiona Murray won over Jenny Ritchie, Ruth Wright and Gabe Schechter

Of the four remaining sabbatical races, only one was uncontested. Adam Powrie stood unopposed for the position of DoES and subsequently defeated the RON option.

In the race for DoEd between Christopher Wilde and Alice Foulis, Ms Foulis came out triumphant.

Nick Farrer won in the race for DoWell against Flora Smith.

Jamie Minns secured the position of DosDA, which was also contested by James Hall.


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