The University of St Andrews received £48,217.90 in fines for overdue items last academic year.

The information comes from a response to a freedom of information request by Jack Forks, released publicly on 23 November 2017.

£1,079.90 was donated to charity

From the £48,217.90, the University of St Andrews noted that £1,079.90 was donated to charity.

In the 2015/2016 academic year, the University of St Andrews libraries received £50,638 in fines, meaning fines for overdue books decreased in the last academic year.

A Freedom of Information representative who spoke to The Tab regarding last years’ fines said, “due to the way the Library Services Management operates and the functionality of the reporting system,” it is “not possible to provide total number of library fines issued for all library users [sic].”

The sum only refers to overdue books and not to the costs of replacing lost books, which holds a greater fine.

For a normal loan, students are fined £0.20 per day for overdue books and £0.50 per day for multiple copies.


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