Every year the second semester brings with it an opportunity for reflection, resolution and change, and this is no less true than for the editorial board of The Saint.

At the end of last semester we were elected as the first joint Editors-in-Chief in the paper’s history, and we believe that by running The Saint together we will be able to maximise on our respective skills and ensure that the paper goes from strength to strength.

Our new editors, Olivia and Andrew

We aim to ensure that The Saint is the student’s newspaper by keeping our content regular, fresh and most importantly relevant to the student body of this quaint little seaside town. We want to report on the stories that matter to you and ensure that all students have the opportunity to showcase their talents – be they for writing, photography, illustration, video or web – through both the print and online versions of the paper.

This paper means a lot to us. Independent student newspapers are few and far between in the UK and throughout our time at this University it has been a pleasure to work for The Saint.

Now with an editorial brief, we want to ensure that every voice in this town is heard. That everybody, regardless of ethnicity, religion or politics has a voice in this paper because at the end of the day, this is your paper.

To this end we want to place more emphasis on communication between us as a committee and the students that read it. We want to receive feedback about your favourite parts of the paper, and what you would like to see less of so we will be releasing an online poll on our Facebook page this evening. Please do fill it in so that we can make the changes that you want to see.

Last but not least, we want to thank everyone who supports the paper, both writers and readers, because if 2,000 of you didn’t pick up a copy of The Saint every fortnight, we wouldn’t be able to print the paper.


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