The Other Guys: Naughty, Nice, and Absolutely Brilliant

Stella Gage trades exam blues for Christmas joy as she attends The Other Guys' Christmas Concert.


From traditional Christmas carols to silly songs about messing up Christmas songs and other shenanigans the Other Guys’ Naughty or Nice Concert was a fun filled event. The description of the event stated that “The Other Guys want to bring in the Christmas season with you. As the nights get longer and the days get colder, this group of charming young men wish to make your week much warmer!” and this description is completely accurate. Charm was exuding from the men on stage as they comfortably made fools out of themselves with exaggerated, bold choreography and singing.

This show was not about the group taking themselves too seriously, it was a night during which you felt like a friend or colleague to the group more than an audience member. None of this is to say that the Other Guys’ singing isn’t professional, however, it was remarkable to see such exquisite performance proposed in such an approachable style. From solo pieces to combined numbers the group was both individually unique and collectively brilliant. I went to the concert encumbered by thoughts of exams stress and a seemingly endless to-do list, I left feeling revived and truly full of Christmas spirit.

To sum up, this night was simultaneously completely relaxed and utterly professional, the Other Guys’ a cappella arrangements being some of the loveliest I’ve ever heard. So, if you fancy a night of relaxation to take the edge off exam stress next Christmas season, I would say this is an event not to miss! I’ve already set my sights on their page, waiting for their next performance, and would recommend that the rest of the student body do exactly the same.


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