After her passing on 27 October 2016 at age 91, it has now been revealed that well-known St Andrews resident and volunteer Gillian Falconer had amassed a £4,020,772 estate, largely stocks and shares portfolio, and has willed over £2.5 million to groups in St Andrews.

In particular, the St Andrews Preservation Trust, founded in 1937 to “preserve for future generations the buildings, character and history of St Andrews,” will gain around £850,000 pounds.

It is not yet known how the St Andrews Preservation Trust will make use of this donation from Ms Falconer, but the organisation did remember Ms Falconers statement.

“It is impossible to do justice to Gillian’s contribution to the trust over the years–in terms of her time, talents and generosity,” their statement reads.

Ms Falconer shared £1.4 million pounds with her family and friends.

Along with the Preservation Trust, the rest of the money will be donated to groups such as St Leonards School, which Ms Falconer ended, and the St Andrews Botanic Garden Trust.

Ms Falconer ran a national trust shop in St Andrews with volunteers and was an honorary vice-president of the St Andrews Preservation Trust, giving financial support and holding an active role with the organisation.

She was raised in St Andrews since 1926 when her father passed away. After attending St Leonards School, Ms Falconer read history at Somerville College, Oxford, where she met and befriended Margaret Thatcher who was studying at Oxford at the same time.

She often donated to charity, and one of her last gifts before she died was to arrange for wheelchairs to be sent to Burkina Faso for disabled children.





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