St Andrews Green Film Festival Prepares to Educate and Delight Students

George Wilder previews the upcoming St Andrews Green Film Festival, discussing the wider importance of what it represents to a town so close to nature.


When questioned about whether visitors to St Andrews were there to see him Prince William replied “I hope I’m not a tourist attraction – I’m sure that they come here really because St Andrews is just amazing, beautiful place.” And he’s right, we’re lucky enough to be surrounded not just by a historic town, but a site of incredible natural beauty. From the famous beaches to the coastal walks the natural element of St Andrews makes up a great part of our lives here.

The importance of nature to our time here is reflected in the fifth annual St Andrews Green Film Festival, which will run from the 12th to the 20th of February. To mark their fifth year, the festival stands to be the biggest yet, featuring an art exhibition, short film competition for a prize of £100, and four main film showings from the 15-18th at the Byre Theatre. As well as interest in artistic expression around the theme of ‘Hope and the Environment’ the festival will also feature two discussion events on the 13th of February, one a Global Conversion Seminar, the other a panel discussion.

More information about the festival is available on their Facebook page @StAGreenFilm, and any entries to the Lefties Short Film Competition should be directed through As students living in an area of such natural beauty a preoccupation with the issues and topics discussed and dissected by the festival should be essential to all students. We have inherited our town, and indeed the wider world, and it remains our responsibility to leave something worthy of passing on. In this sense, as well as being a great opportunity to those interested in environmental debates, the St Andrews Green Film Festival is a way for anyone who resides here to take responsibility for informing themselves about nature, hopefully ensuring that our town will remain famous for its natural link, and not just for royal alumni.


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