A masterplan has been set forth that would bring major development to the town of St Andrews.

According to St Andrews West LLP, this development will create a new scene for business, residences, and learning for the town. The new development would affect North Haugh, Langlands, Northbank, and land between Strathkinness High and Low Roads.

The plan will not likely affect current students as it still waits approval and is planned to develop over the next 20 years. However, the first phase of the project is likely to address the need for a new Madras College with a £50 million replacement, as well as a new link road from the A91.

The plan has been spearheaded by the St. Andrews West LLP, which is comprised of the University of St Andrews, Headon Holdings, and local landholders.

The plan also discusses about 1,000 new homes for the town, with thirty percent said to be affordable housing.

The fight for affordable housing in a long standing one in St Andrews, with the newly elected Rector, Srdja Popovic, making the issue a key point in his manifesto.

The plans boast new areas for business development, care homes, hotels, green networks, and retail. This is likely to be a boost for the economy, as well as a place to provide future students with a larger “bubble.”

A spokeswoman for St Andrews West LLP speaking to The Courier said, “the concept here is to create a new community which feels like a place and – like the medieval core – has texture, vistas and connectivity with a clear sense of identity that reflects the best character of St Andrews through richness of place, and the scale of buildings.”

While the application is still in its early stages, the spokeswoman mentioned that the group is dedicated to supporting St Andrews as an international centre of cultural and academic excellence.

Comments on the plans can be made to the Fife Council, and the plans can be viewed here:



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