Nnamdi Ekwe-Ekwe, a current PhD student at the University of St Andrews, has created a new app that allows users to have their own personal assistant via text message. The app, called Shrowze, is essentially a human personal assistant summoned by text. The idea for the app was based off of Mr Ekwe-Ekwe’s own university experience.

He stated, “As a full-time student, I’ve always wanted to have more time for myself and concentrate on the truly important things, while not neglecting the numerous commitments I have every day – a problem shared by millions the world over.”

Mr Ekwe-Ekwe continued, “I just remember spending lots of time on routine everyday things that needed doing, when instead I could have been spending my time more usefully.”

Shrowze provides whatever students need through their team of human assistants, which the user summons for help via text.

Users buy time to use the personal assistants after signing up, in packages of an hour or more on demand, or in blocks of 10, 30, or 60 hours. The on-demand option, the most inexpensive, is priced at £24.99 per hour.

The app was trialled for the past 6 months, and Mr Ekwe-Ekwe noted that they received positive reviews and great feedback from the triallers.

Examples of what users can ask the app include asking about accommodation and booking flights and taxis, all tasks most students encounter at some point.

Shrowze is now live for all users across the country. For the next two weeks, anyone who signs up with Shrowze will get 1-hour free time to have access to their own human personal assistant.

Additionally, all students get a special 50 per cent discount, for as long as they are a student, to use they are a student, to use the app.




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