Joint Councils approve motion backing Rector


On Tuesday 21 November, the Joint Councils passed a motion to support the recently elected rector, Srdja Popovic.

The SSC and SRC had previously rejected a proposal in support of Mr Popovic last month, citing “wording” and “technicalities” as the reasons for not doing so.

In his introduction to the motion, Jamie Rodney, Mr Popovic’s campaign manager and first signatory of the motion said, “I do take this time to apologise for the wording of the motion that was submitted about a month ago. While I don’t quite agree with all the points made against it by the Joint Council, I do agree that the way it was phrased was unhelpful and unclear and I’m sorry for the awkward position that put some of you in.”

The previous motion was nearly unanimously voted down and Mr Rodney whimsically remarked, “If we get more than one vote in favour I’ll chalk that up as a personal best.”

The new motion excludes mentions of the Joint Councils supporting Mr Popovic’s manifesto aims, whereas instead more ambiguously asserts that “co-operation between both parties will be mutually beneficial.”

The motion passed with all but one vote in favour. SSC Music Officer, Marcell Kovacs, was in opposition to the motion as he stated, “I don’t see how this is going to make any difference.”

Following the passage of the motion Mr Rodney said, “While we’re actively seeking good relationships with the Union, it’s important to remember that the rector’s office, and therefore Srdja’s campaign, is independent of the joint councils, so just because we had to leave out certain details of the manifesto doesn’t mean we’re going to stop campaigning for them.

“This motion managed to get us a foot in the door with the Union, which was frankly always a more realistic aim than the ones detailed in our previous one … Obviously, there’s fewer concrete details in this motion than the last one, but laying the foundation for closer co-operation between councils and the rector’s office in future is still an important thing to have achieved.”


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