Srdja Popovic elected Rector

Mr Popovic beat Willie Rennie to the role.

Photo: Sammi Ciardi

The Serbian activist Srdja Popovic had been elected as the 53rd Rector of the University of St Andrews.

The results were announced in an email to students.

Mr Popovic is most well known for his role in founding the student movement Otpor! in the late 1990s, which helped to overthrow Slobodan Milošević, the Serbian Dictator.

He went on to found the Centre for Applied Nonviolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS), a group which supports the efforts of pro-democracy movements around the world.

Mr Popovic defeated North East Fife MSP and Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Willie Rennie to the role.

Mr Popovic received 2183 votes, while Mr Rennie received 1083. Re-Open nominations garnered 220.

Mr Popovic will take up the role officially on 1 November.

In the email, Association President, Lewis Wood, and the Students’ Association Director of Wellbeing, Claire Shirey, said:

“On behalf of all students, we would like to congratulate Mr Popovic on his success, and look forward to seeing all that he can achieve over the next three years. The Students’ Association election committee would like to thank both candidates and campaign teams for a high-spirited election.
“More details about the installation of Rector-elect Srdja Popovic will be released in due course.
“Best wishes, and hearty congratulations.”
Mr Popovic will succeed Catherine Stihler, Labour MEP for Scotland.
Ms Stihler said, “Congratulations to Srdja Popovic, our 53rd Rector. I want to wish Srdja all the best in the role. It is such an honour and privilege to serve such an outstanding student community. I look forward to the installation, and the choice of vehicle for the drag, but most of all would stress that you enjoy every moment. Three years passes too quickly.”



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