Rectorial nominations close

Rector Catherine Stihler at her investiture. Photo by Terry Lee

Candidate nominations for the next Rector of the University of St Andrews have now closed.

The Saint can confirm at this time that there have been candidate nominations.

In the previous election of 2014 no one challenged current Rector, Catherine Stihler.

Since 1858, the Rector has been elected by students of the University.

Students were required to submit a 250 word statement written by the candidate, a photo, and nomination form with twenty student signatures.

The Rector is President of the University Court – the chief governing body of the institution. The Rector also plays an informal, pastoral role for students.

The candidates will formally be announced Thursday at 12pm by the University.

Campaigning officially begins the following day on Friday October 6.

Recent public figures to be elected to the position of Rector include comedian John Cleese, journalist Andrew Neil, and the whistleblower Stanley Adams.

Voting for the Rector formally opens on October 12 and 13 with a winner declared on the 13.


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