Editorial 214: Put up or shut up – voting is open


Ever been unhappy about some aspect of life in St Andrews? Ever been disgruntled with the University for seemingly not paying attention to your interests? Ever bemoaned the housing situation in this town and wondered why something could not be done about it? Then vote in today’s Rectorial elections.

The Rector is your representative. They sit on University Court, our institution’s highest governing body, to look out for your interests. They appoint a student assessor who also sits on Court. Elect a good Rector, and they can arguably have a profound influence on our University and change all our lives here in St Andrews for the better. Elect a bad one, however, and you may see your concerns overlooked for the duration of your time at university.

Which of the candidates would make a good Rector and which would make a bad one we will leave up to you to decide. Both candidates have outlined promising platforms for what their rectorship would look like.

Srda Popovic has set out a series of bold and radical proposals to solve the problems he and his campaign perceive the students of St Andrews to face. From lobbying the University to guarantee cheaper accommodation to promising a more environmentally friendly St Andrews by reducing the number of cars that travel through town – Mr Popovic’s manifesto is uncompromising and in the best tradition of the student movements he emerged from.

However, it is not unreasonable to question the feasibility of some of these proposals, especially given that Mr Popovic will not be resident in or near St Andrews during his time as Rector.Willie Rennie’s pitch to students is less exciting, but more grounded.

He has emphasised his existing links to St Andrews and the practicality of his residence in Fife, arguing it will allow him to be a more active representative of students. His pledges are certainly more modest and less detailed than his opponents.

He also promises to tackle accommodation affordability and shows particular passion for mental and sexual health services, but  his manifesto is undeniably less radical.If you feel neither candidate will represent you well, then demand better.

Vote to re-open nominations.Your vote matters and if you choose to throw it away, well, then please stop complaining about accommodation.



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