2017 Rectorial candidates announced

Srđa Popović and Willie Rennie are the candidates for the 53rd rector of the University of St Andrews


The University of St Andrews has formally announced the two candidates competing in the upcoming rectorial elections.

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader, Willie Rennie, will run against Serbian-born political activist Srđa Popović.

Willie Rennie was formerly MP for Dunfermline and West Fife following a by-election win in 2006.

He however lost his seat to labour in the 2010 general election. He was subsequently elected to the Scottish Parliament and became leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats in the same year.

Popović was one of the founders and leaders of the Serbian nonviolent resistance group Otpor!. It was founded in Belgrade on 10 October 1998, by a small group of student protesters in opposition to the rule of the President of Serbia and Montenegro, Slobodan Milošević.

In 2003, Popović founded the Centre for Applied Non Violent Actions and Strategies. An organisation that advocates for the use of nonviolence resistance to promote human rights and democracy.

Recent public figures to be elected to the position of Rector include comedian John Cleese, journalist Andrew Neil, and the whistleblower Stanley Adams.

Campaigning officially begins the tomorrow, Friday October 6.

Voting for the Rector formally opens on October 12 and 13 with a winner declared on the 13.


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