Top four trends from London Fashion Week


To many, September isn’t the most exciting month, but to those of us in the fashion world, September has a whole other meaning. The most important being the start of an assortment of fashion weeks all around the globe showcasing designers’ new pieces at the start of the fall season. London Fashion Week in particular added an assortment of new trends, and in some cases a rebirth of different brands. Trends that hit the runway this season will trickle down from high fashion houses to the brands that one can choose from on a casual trip to the mall. A lot of thought and effort goes into the creation of the pieces that hit the runway, as most are not exactly for day to day wear. But they are the cornerstones of each collection, and the trends presented here will create a ripple effect through the rest of this season’s clothes. Below are the top four moments of London Fashion Week and why they matter.

Burberry is back: the past few seasons have not seen Burberry’s best work. They had a new chief executive and many of their newer items were not as well received by the public as they had been in years past. This year though, a much younger feel was brought in, while still paying homage to the designs of years past. They stayed true to their roots by following the traditional print, but kicked it up a notch. The youthfulness was shown through the fact that it was a bit less polished than usual, but was much more honest in what the brand was hoping to achieve. If this continues in their spring line, Burberry may start popping up on much younger people quite soon, as well as having these designs and prints introduced through other brands.

Trench coats will forever be in: even though trench coats have been the highlight of any outerwear show in the past few years, they show no sign of waning. Different designers such as Versus Versace have taken the traditional style of the trench coat and turned it into something new, modern, and undeniably hip. Either by taking the pattern of a checkerboard trench and integrating it into hats and shirts, or by cutting off the sleeves, allowing for the trench to become more of a vest. This alteration to the classic piece is an example of the new spin that many designers are taking on pieces that used to be deemed as untouchable. Whether they shorten it, or just take out one element, this is one way that much more youthful designs are starting to creep up and take over the fashion world.

Moschino’s usage of symbolism: by using dry cleaning and plastic bags in their clothing on the runway this past week, Moschino’s designers looked at how we all interpret fashion. It is something that we buy and have cleaned, but we never really look at the wrapping, or what hold our clothes. One of the most prominent designs was a mini dress that looked like a large plastic bag. It was paired with black opera gives and over the knee black boots, as well as a small clutch. The bag was replicating the standard “thank you” plastic bag, but instead of saying that, rather it had the brands name. This is also utilising red and black as strong dominant colours, that were also very prevalent in New York Fashion Week, and seem to be a trend used throughout many designers works this year.

Pastels: this past year strong and dark colours have been at the forefront of the fashion world, while pastels played a lesser role; but this season it seems as if pastels are coinciding with those dark colours. Designers such as Peter Pilot and Temperley London are using a mixture of both throughout their designs. This is one example of the old meshing with the new in a way that creates a chic look with vibes from the 1950s. The pastels add a touch of femininity, while the stronger colours tie the piece together by adding a focal point. Pastels are here to stay for at least another season, creating a dreamy yet sophisticated look.

To some, Fashion Week is the beginning of a new year in fashion, while to others it’s just a time when the moguls of the fashion world flock to different cities. Like the September edition of Vogue, Fashion Week will forever remain an influential part of the fashion year, while allowing the younger generation of designers to add a touch of spunk and whimsy to the world. Even though London Fashion Week may be over, these designs will trickle down until they reach department stores, and it can be guaranteed that soon everyone’s closets will have a little taste of the designs that started here.


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