The Other Guys sing a tune for charity

Natasha Franks previews "An Other Ball" - held to benefit charity, the ball will feature performances of classic TOG tunes.

Photo: The Other Guys

Songs of Scotland once emerged strictly from within the lungs of bagpipers and choir singers. Traditions honoured since the days of Braveheart, these haunting melodies soundtracked ceilidhs and chapels, reeling balls and reunions. It was not until 2004 that a new voice joined the cacophony of “Amazing Grace” and “Jerusalem,” a voice tinged with an American spirit, yet unquestionably British in heart and soul: The Other Guys had arrived.

Beginning with their ten year anniversary in 2014, TOG has hosted an annual reunion for past members. The reunion, casual in nature, allows alumni the chance to meet new members, sing old songs, and enjoy a pint beneath our St Andrean skies. This year, the group intends to turn this informal gathering into an official St Andrews event – aptly titled “An Other Ball.”

Held to benefit charity, the ball will feature performances of classic TOG tunes, rehearsed to perfection over the past thirteen years. These years have included a tour of North America, several iconic music videos, and countless appearances at local events. As in previous years, open auditions will be held within the first weeks of term, providing any musically-inclined males with the opportunity to contribute to The Other Guys’ growing legacy.


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