Why St Andrews students should vote for: the Green Party


On the 8 June, we will once again be asked to go to the polls to make a crucial decision about the direction of the UK. We must stop the Conservative Party’s war on students and return as strong a Green voice as possible to Westminster to stand up for what matters and to secure a sustainable common future.

This election was called by Theresa ‘strong and stable’ May for purely partisan reasons (once again proving that the UK’s constitution isn’t worth the paper it’s not written on). She’s worried that her own parliamentary party won’t vote for economic oblivion and has decided she needs more fat old men to whip into pursuing a Hard, Tory Brexit.

“Strong and stable” Theresa’s Hard, Tory Brexit will cause the pound to drop even further. Those considering investing in the UK will opt for safer investments rather than risk investing in Ms May’s Dickensian Britain which will cost an immeasurable number of jobs, making it even tougher for graduates of this university to get the best start to their careers.

Since becoming Prime Minister, Ms May has made recession inevitable in the next parliamentary session. Under continued Tory government, we will be unable to trade freely with the rest of the world; we’ll have a bonfire of workers’ rights and environmental protections and the end to free movement of people. When the electorate voted to leave the EU, they did not give a mandate to the Tories to create a recession. That is why the Greens propose a ratification referendum so that voters can reject a disastrous Brexit deal and remain in the EU.

Only the Greens have the ideas and ambition to oppose the government critically and constructively. As Greens, we strongly advocate for protection of the environment – climate change threatens us all and its capacity to destroy not only our economy and our society, but to threaten the future of life on Earth as we know it should not be underestimated. Only with more Greens in parliament can we advocate for the protection of our environment that our livelihoods depend upon.

The Scottish Parliament has responsibility for both health and education although its budget is decided by the UK government. It is not fair that students in the rest of the UK are faced with crippling student debt on account of tuition fees. Students at St Andrews come here because they want fulfilling and usually well-paying jobs. Such jobs require graduates to pay more taxes which in turn fund the education system. To pay higher income tax and tuition fees is to pay twice for your education. Abolishing tuition fees will result in an increased budget for the Scottish Parliament. In a similar vein, the Greens call for an NHS Reinstatement Act will end NHS privatisation and provide even more money to the Scottish Parliament.

Only with more Greens in parliament can we advocate for the protection of our environment that our livelihoods depend upon

Greens will fund these policies through progressive taxation both on income and wealth. As we abolish National Insurance and merge it with income tax, it is inevitable that income tax rates will be rejigged to be more progressive. We advocate for a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions and Pigovian eco-taxes to encourage pro-environmental behaviours; and we will introduce a wealth tax.

Greens recognise the frustration of a large cross-section of the population and believe that our democracy must be strengthened to make sure everyone’s voice is heard. We want to abolish our archaic electoral system which allows minority parties to form majority governments; we should replace First-Past-The-Post with Proportional Representation so that all votes count; and we should also reform the House of Lords – the UK should not be home to the second largest unelected legislature in the world.

Greens will fund these policies through progressive taxation both on income and wealth

On the 9 June, we will likely wake up to an increased Tory majority caused by voter apathy and a corrupt media. It doesn’t have to be that way. This election is about Brexit, but it’s also about so much more. Crucially, it’s about landing as big a scalp as possible on a hard-right Conservative and Unionist party. Despite our absurd electoral system, we should vote in a way that gives the gin-soaked horse-face party the greatest possible headache. Vote for the most progressive candidate in your constituency – vote to make June the end of May.


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