Dominic Nolan, a third year economics and international relations student has been elected as a Scottish Conservative Party member to Fife Council following yesterday’s elections.

Since starting at St Andrews in late 2014, Mr Nolan has participated in various local and national political movements. Speaking to The Saint following his victory, Mr Nolan said, “I am delighted to have been elected to serve on Fife Council.

“As a student I understand students’ concerns as I have experienced them myself. As a councillor, it will be my priority to foster town and gown relations.”

The Saint asked how Mr Nolan planned on balancing his work as a university student alongside his duties as councillor, he stated that “The Scottish Conservative Party had every confidence in me to be able to perform my duties.

“The position of councillor is often done by those in full-time employment. So I believe that I will be able to perform both roles to the best of my ability and a very high standard.”

During his time in support of the party, Mr Nolan has also worked on the Better Together campaign for Scotland to remain part of the UK in the 2014 independence referendum. Mr Nolan secured his nomination last November as the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Candidate for St Andrews.

The Conservative Party had significant gains today as they bolstered their number of candidates on Fife Council to 15, a rise from just three in 2012.

In an interview with The Saint in February of this year, Mr Nolan stated that leaving the UK would be “cutting off one’s nose to spite the face.” He also stated that he would work hard to fight the HMO ban, which is up for review by Fife Council this Summer.

Mr Nolan said that he hoped to find a “resolution which is appropriate for students and permanent residents.”

The SNP has replaced Labour as the largest party on Fife Council, securing 29 councillors with only 24 elected for Labour.

Ben Lawrie a third year student also successfully ran as a Liberal Democrat councillor securing a seat for Monifieth and Sidlaw on Angus Council. In a Facebook post to his supporters, Mr Lawrie said, “I’m exhilarated to announce I’m now a councillor for Monifieth & Sidlaw.

“I’m so grateful to the team I’ve had behind me and to the voters who’ve invested their trust in me. It’s been hard work but the real work starts now, watch this space!”

Callum Purves, another St Andrews student was successfully elected as a Scottish Conservative Party candidate to represent Perth and Kinross Council in the ward of Kinross-shire. 

Other students of the University ran in the council elections which took place yesterday, but were unsuccessful. Mariam Mahmood, a third year international relations student, ran as a Liberal Democrat for St Andrews Ward. James Bundy, another international relations student, ran as a Conservative Party member for Falkirk Council. Lewis Campbell, a 21 year old sustainable development student, stood as the Green Party candidate for Glenrothes West and Kinglassie.


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