Polo Tournament bungles buses, guests left to walk


This is a breaking news article. It will be updated as more information becomes clear.

Several guests at this year’s St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament have confirmed that they were forced to abandon their buses and walk “half a mile” to the event after the vehicles became stuck.

A Saint reporter, who was attending the event, witnessed the buses taking a wrong turn when they entered the Errol Park Estate. The buses drove down several dirt paths before eventually reaching a “dead end.”

After waiting for around “30 minutes”, many of the guests decided to walk to the tournament instead.

A spokesperson for the St Andrews Charity Polo Tournament committee told The Saint, “so at the Polo tournament we’ve been using the same bus company for the past three years and this is the first time we’ve heard actually had a mistake happen and we’re just so glad that everyone was able to get here very safely.

“What happened essentially is that there are a bunch of events happening right now [on the Estate], including a wedding, and we gave a separate post-code [to the bus company] and there was a mistake that happened.”

“We’re very sorry that that happened and we’ll be investigating this further so that it doesn’t happen again.”

The committee member refused to comment on whether guests would receive refunds or compensation.

One guest told The Saint they would be demanding a refund on the cost of their ticket



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