Football steals the show with Can’t Walk 2017

Caitlin Lewis reviews Can't Walk 2017, the annual men's football club fashion show, which once again stole the show.

Photo: Grace Gathright

This weekend saw the definitive event of the St Andrews fashion calendar – Can’t Walk.

By combining the polished professionalism of FS, the raw edgy cool factor of Don’t Walk and the exotic flair of Sitara, the Men’s Football club promised a show that would not be easily forgotten.

In the coming weeks before the big day, the committee teased the eager guests with a number of enticing promotional pieces. The widely successful THIS IS MY KITE campaign introduced the guests to the models in their most raw, intimate states, redefining the event’s motto, “A parade of imperfect bodies.” A day before the big event, the committee reluctantly and apologetically informed us that despite the strong winds that had shaken the Kingdom of Fife, the show did, in fact, have to go on. No, we couldn’t have a refund, yes we did have to actually attend. Hearts broke that morning.

Show day arrived. Rascals bar was buzzing with an atmosphere of excitement, nerves and a little bit of fear. The Men’s Football Club had learned from their spatial challenges of the previous year and put up an actual stage, which became the focal point around which the eager guests cumulated. The lights went down and the room was filled with the techno beats of DJ Jake Rivett as the models took to the catwalk.

The boundaries of fashion were about to be blown away. In just one year, Can’t Walk has cultivated a legacy around – shall we call it – an ‘irregular’ style, and this year it more than lived up to its reputation.

The show combined old crowd-pleasers, including the return of the legendary diving suit, with new ground-breaking fashion choices. The show was split into 8 sections; Football, Beach, Charity Shop (think floral patterned dresses mixed with yellow v-neck jumpers), Sinners (in which the Football Club truly managed to capture the sweaty vibe that this Wednesday night favourite has come to be known by), Ager Apparel, Vogue (aRtY) and the crowd’s favourite, Underwear.

The creative team had come up with some brilliant new innovations this year including a Tesco gillet, this season’s must-have accessory, aka a plate of chicken fillets and a man/pizza box hybrid costume which channelled the Football Club’s main muse – Dervish. Nakedness was abundant as Can’t Walk delivered on their promise to display the human form in all its imperfections.

This year saw a new trend take to the catwalk- underwear made almost entirely out of sticky tape (catch this look on the Victoria’s Secret catwalk next year). Just when the crowd thought they knew what to expect, the Can’t Walk committee threw another curve ball in the form of the Ager Apparel section which contrasted with all other sections by actually displaying nice clothes. Ager Apparel is St Andrews most up and coming online vintage clothes store which sells the coolest brands at the fairest prices.

The show’s raffle also exceeded expectations, with guests winning some pretty sick prizes including Tesco wine, free Rascals meals and the most sought after prize – an aubergine. Can’t Walk addressed all the spatial issues of the previous year and put on a night that was incredibly enjoyable for everyone there. Congratulations to the Men’s Football Club for once again being one of the key players in the St Andrews fashion scene.


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