Union adopts new green policies

Photo Credit: Mika Schmeling

The Students’ Association voted in favour of introducing a new sustainability policy on 14 February.

The policy was proposed by Mariya Simeonova, Association environment officer and head of the Students’ Association environment subcommittee.

The policy provides a number of guidelines for the environmental and ethical considerations of the Association and will be enacted by the environment subcommittee.

The new actions encompass a wide variety of sectors, including waste and recycling, energy and water conservation, and sustainable and socially responsible catering and travel.

The motion further explains a number of changes to the Students’ Association that will help it to achieve success in these sectors.

On the issue of waste and recycling, the policy asserts, “No use is made whatsoever of disposable crockery or cutlery in order to minimise waste and environmental damage, except in exceptional circumstances, when alternatives should be 100 per cent biodegradable or recyclable.”

On the matter of energy the Students’ Association has affirmed that it is committed to a “10 per cent green energy supply.”

And in tackling sustainable and socially responsible catering, the Association has again pledged its commitment to actively promoting “fairtrade in accordance with the fairtrade policy.”

A provision was also included to encourage video-conferencing instead of travelling and, when travel is neccessary, to use “environmentally-friendly travel options.”

The policy also mandates reassessment in February 2018. Ms Simeonova did not respond to repeated requests for comment.


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