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Breaking News: Donald Trump is still alive and tweeting. That is all you need to know, really. As we approach the 50th day of the Trump presidency, the pattern of behaviour from the leader of the free world has been that of a constant stream of lies and falsehoods.
In fact, at the time of writing, he has averaged four incorrect or misleading statements a day, including seven on his first day in office. This is odd really, considering it comes from the same person who described “fake news” media as the “enemy of the people.”
In the past few weeks, President Trump has unsurprisingly continued to spout this kind of nonsense. In the latest example of ill-informed, incoherent, totally incomprehensible verbal diarrhea, he thrice repeated the false claim that Hillary Clinton gave Russia 20 per cent of US uranium. Helpfully, however, he gave us all a lecture in physics, saying “You know what uranium is, right? This thing called nuclear weapons and other things, like lots of things are done with uranium, including some bad things.” So there you go!
Cause for further embarrassment for the President comes as Mexico hosts its first high-profile Donald Trump envoy. The US-Mexico border wall was a central feature in the President’s election campaign; however, big cracks are starting to emerge in the plan. Washington bureaucrats are reportedly resisting the idea and Congress is hesitant to fund it, leaving the president fighting a lonely battle to keep his campaign promise. Thus, instead of a 2,000 mile “big, beautiful wall,” President Trump may just end up with a fence covering a few hundred miles.
President Trump has also slipped-up over anti-Semitism. In a press conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Trump was asked about a rise in anti-Semitic crimes following his election. Instead of condemning these crimes, he decided to respond by boasting about the size of his Electoral College victory and acknowledging that his daughter, Ivanka, and her husband are both Jewish.
In a recent press conference, Trump was asked a similar question, which he branded “not a simple question, not a fair question” and telling the reporter to “sit down.” He followed this up by claiming he is the “least anti-Semitic person that you’ve ever seen in your entire life,” oh, and, the “least racist person.” But please remember, this news, like so much other news apparently, is fake.


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