Hangover cure drink to debut at Oktoberfest

If the marketing is to be believed, Survivor may be the one-size-fits-all hangover cure that we have been waiting for.


Although a daytime event, Oktoberfest is known for preceding an incredibly rough morning after. From hair of the dog to a full Scottish breakfast, students struggle to tend to their hungover, bedridden selves. If the marketing is to be believed, Survivor may be the one-size-fits-all cure that we have been waiting for.

The product attempts to target the two key hangover zones: head and stomach. To this end, it contains every vital component that a boozy night will have eradicated. The orange drink replenishes depleted stores of electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. Furthermore, it contains ginger and herbs chosen specifically to battle common hangover symptoms.

As if the creation of the drink were not worthy of praise in its own right, twenty percent of profits will go to a refugee charity (the “true survivors”). The drink itself is ritualistic in its consumption. At first sip, orange juice combines with the kick of ginger to create a revitalising sensation in the drinker. Slight carbonation reduces stomach pains, magnesium and potassium combat muscle fatigue, and electrolytes address dehydration.

Within the bottle cap, consumers can find two pills that complement the drink. Carefully selected and medically approved, these pills provide additional vitamins that protect vital organs. Studying the local market, it would appear that very few products exist to rival Survivor.

Students frequently refer to brunch or Dominoes delivery as their go-to hangover cures. While satiating, these calorie dense meals are likely detrimental to a person’s health. In contrast, Survivor seeks not only to reduce hangover symptoms, but to improve the health of the drinker.

Containing fruit, vitamins, and herbs, the drink could rival Gatorade as a post-workout palate cleanser. It contends with issues of dehydration, electrolyte depletion, abdominal discomfort, headache, and exhaustion.

Despite its versatility, the drink is marketed exclusively at the hungover demographic. With a goal so specified, consumers can expect equally specialised results. Water remains a core component of resurfacing from the depths of depravity-induced misery; however, Survivor might just be the kick needed to resurrect you entirely.

Survivor can be found at this Saturday’s St Andrews Charity Oktoberfest.


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