Glitterball 2017: A Sparkling Success

Emily Lomax reviews Glitterball 2017.

Photo: Lightbox Creative

Another year, another sell-out success for the LGBT+ Society’s Glitterball. You can see why: this was the merriest ball I’ve been to. People were just very happy there, it was as simple of as that. It was wonderful to see the array of garments worn; plenty of sequined dresses, a couple of backless and halter-neck suits, black-tie drag and cross-dressing. It was a safe and celebratory place for people to dress in as flamboyant and quirky a way as they fancied.

The organisers had been distributing bucketfuls of free glitter pre-event (in the library I heard, along with other places; we encountered a little bag of glitter in the Rule), which meant that all were able to tastefully adorn themselves – sparkling silver temples, glitter-caked cleavages, gold-encrusted faces. It fostered a community feel and was done with a nice sense of fun and spiritedness; props to the ball committee for thinking the idea up.

The ball was hosted in a new venue this year, the amorous sounding “Spanish Garden” on the Scores, which turned out in fact to be the usual white marque employed for these events. But there were nice touches; a pastel rainbow was projected onto the ceiling, the lighting was pink-hued. The marquee had a wedding-party vibe; intimate, sociable, jolly. The stage and the dance floor were the focus: plenty of crowd pleasers were played, the performers were fantastic and the music was very danceable.

Photo: Lightbox Creative

This was the high-density area (though hardly a throng) while the rest of the marquee was perhaps a little…sparse? I wondered if a few more tickets could have been sold – some people had to miss out, and there did appear to be space for them. Perhaps it was a health and safety issue that prohibited a larger number of people; I don’t know.

I’ve never made it to a ball in time for the free food, but the first 100 guests at Glitterball had free prosecco and cannoli courtesy of Rocca Italian Deli – and all guests were entitled to a discount off a sandwich there the next day by showing their wristbands. Sounds delicious. One day I’ll get there early enough to stuff my face.

St Andrews’ LGBT+ society crafted a wonderful ball again this year. It seems to me that they are doing a fantastic job of making themselves a big, far-reaching, inclusive society – collaborations with Debating Society, Sexpression, knitting, and more, as well as theatre and their Pride parade, and a Drag Walk which celebrates drag as the art form it is.

Why were people so happy at Glitterball? I suspect it was because there was a strong committee behind the event, and a lot of love went into making it happen.


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