Baccanalia: a wine enthusiast’s dream come true

Emily Lomax previews the newest event to hit St Andrews.


A newcomer to the St Andrews events scene, Baccanalia sounds set to be an exciting and eclectic night. Friday 3 March is your chance to see Younger Hall decked out as a microcosm of (our romanticised idea of) a Greek world; with a small stage erected in the centre showcasing an array of musicians, life drawing, a “Garden of Artistotle” corner hosted by Philosophy society, and – hidden in a candle-lit brick enclave – two Delphic Oracles to give you your fortune. And if you want to move away from the echoey grandeur of the hall, you can descend into “Hades” – a dance-club cellar.

Performances include folk music, saxophone, Milk + Honey, Too This for That, and Wax Collective. Expect creativity: from Slim Pickins’ “mix of house classic disco and edits” to Bella Muerte’s portrayal of the abduction of Persephone “through the lens of a woman asserting her own dominance and realising her own power, as some feminists have argued her tale truly depicts, all through a really thick acid haze.” Diverse indeed.

Some practical points: The dress code is smart, or Greek. Wrap yourself in a toga if you want to – alternatively a floaty top, dress, trousers, perhaps a wreath. Also, Bacchus, had he been celebrated in our day and age wouldn’t be exclusively wine-drinking, and neither need you be at this event: The Union bar will be there, and if it can be procured, there’ll be ouzo. Bacchus approves of all booze. Cash-bar only.

A broad and busy programme means there will be something to experience in each corner of the venue; the event is being curated with a great attention to detail, lots of nice touches and surprises. The array of performers and societies present means this’ll be an innovative, spontaneous, and interesting event. A celebration of the arts, culture, and academics in St Andrews.

Moreover, you can get yourself totally Greek kebabs (and pizzas) with £1 off at Dervish on the night, and – because it is a Bacchanalia after all – 10% off wine at St Andrews’ Wine Company on the 3rd and 4th of March.

Get your tickets on Fixr.


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