In a dramatic move just prior to the dissolution of the 2016-17 Association councils, Association Chair Sigrid Jørgensen resigned.

The resignation was announced by Association President Charlotte Andrew at the last meeting of the joint councils on 14 February 2017.

In a statement to the councils, Ms Andrew said, “Unfortunately, Sigrid decided to resign. I won’t go into any further detail, as I think it’s unfair to do that without Sigrid being in the room. She’s done a good job this year. She’s been capable and efficient, and we all owe it when we see her next [to] thank her for her time and her commitment to councils.”

In a statement given to The Saint prior to the 14 February meeting, Ms Jørgensen said, “I officially resigned as Association chair because of the blatant lack of respect from the sabbs.

“I refuse to partake or be a representative in an Association that consistently forces me to choose between following the rules and bending the rules for the sabbs.

“This is not the Association that I ran to be a part of. I have constantly had to fight for the student voice that is ignored and have been personally attacked for doing my job. My resignation takes effect immediately, and I will not be attending the meeting tomorrow.”

Ms Jørgensen also said that she had “felt pushed out for a very long time.”

Asked why she decided to resign just as councils were about to be dissolved and a successor elected, Ms Jørgensen said, “I felt resigning was the most powerful way for my view and experiences from the past year to be heard.”

Responding to Ms Jørgensen’s claims, the sabbatical team said in a statement, “The Association chair resigned on the evening of Monday 13 February. Earlier that day, the Students’Association executive committee formally reprimanded the Association chair  for  inconsistent  application of the Students’ Association rules in relation to the removal of officers from councils.

“At  the  final  meeting  of  councils  on Tuesday,  the  Association  President expressed her gratitude for the dedication of the former Association chair across two years of volunteering on councils. Her fellow council members were encouraged to thank her for her service.

We are disheartened that the former Association chair felt it was necessary to resign, or that she believed a lack of respect was present in her relationship with the sabbatical officers. We wish her luck in the future.”

The election for Ms Jørgensen’s successor will take place today and tomorrow, 2-3 March, along with elections for all Association positions.


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