St Paddy’s prepared to open spring break

Natasha Franks previews St Patrick's Day at the Rule.


Although many students flee the Bubble in favour of Dublin over Spring Break, we have yet to celebrate the Irish holiday in St Andrews. A group of multicultural students, led by Mike Glover-Smith and Aidan Thomson, have decided to fill that void. The result of their efforts: St Patrick’s Day at The Rule.

In addition to the expected slew of green paraphernalia, the event will feature subsidised Guinness and a live band. To make the most of their money, guests are encouraged to arrive early, in time for the Wild Murphys boisterous set of authentic Irish pub music. Once the pub-like atmosphere has subsided at midnight, DJ Asquire will take control with his signature throwbacks.

Free St Patrick’s Day merchandise will also be given to the first one hundred guests.

As the final fete before spring break (and before the real St Patrick’s day), St Paddy’s is poised to send us out in true Irish style.



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