St Andrews Fashion Festival review


St Andrews Fashion Festival, STAFF, made its debut on Saturday at the Byre Theatre. Featuring clothes from four boutiques around town, STAFF gave St Andrews a sampling of what we may see walking into any of the featured stores. CCW, Phase Eight, PrettyThings, and Sam Brown all displayed merchandise in the hopes of enticing the crowd that gathered. The entertainment between groups of models was Scottish singer “Baby Carla,” wearing a long black fringe gown, and singing ballads that were in deep contrast to the items of clothing being shown.

The first group of models all showcased made to order clothing created by Claire McInally. The garments heavily featured sheer fabrics with black lace undergarments and long string necklaces going down to the models’ waists. Many models also fashioned long coats, in an attempt to cover up part of the see-through fabric.

This addition seemed a bit out of place, as such a risky outfit needs a commitment, not a cop-out.

The next group of models wore clothing from Sam Brown. The fashions featured Sam Brown’s street wear, undeniably geared to a more mature audience. Although a few of the pairs of jeans would not seem out of place in lecture halls, and there was one pair of black boots that were quite adventurous. Sam Brown is the perfect choice for more modest wears and parental approved style choices.

The next group was for the shop Pretty Things, which features clothing for “women over forty,” according to the announcer. I would suggest this store for finding a Mother’s Day gift, although stick to the simple patterns and singular colors, as a few of their patterns were overly intricate. The clothing was not form fitting and certainly did not appear resistant to the inclement weather that this town dishes out. The collection featured a cute orange scarf that could easily be incorporated into a more casual outfit, to give it a pop of color.

Phase Eight models were up next featuring clothing that would be well suited for a job or internship interview, but not quite for everyday wear. Phase Eight showed some nice accessories and their scarves would be useful against the wind, but all in all, this store didn’t seem quite student geared. One scarf in particular was grey and quite thick, and featured tassels on the sides that would be useful as a way of dressing up a simple outfit, and adding extra warmth.

Caledonian Countrywear was the final group, and fashioned styles for all ages. They featured many Barbour items such as jackets and rain boots that are commonly seen around campus. Many models were also wearing backpacks, granting a youthful touch. The jackets featured were stylish and warm, with matching scarves and hats that are needed in this weather. Two rain jackets were shown, each with the matching rain boots, and in one case, an umbrella. This store is much more student geared, especially for those in need of jackets and boots.

Overall the show featured a good sampling of what St Andrews has to offer. These shops give St Andrews variety, though offering more mature styles.


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