St Andrews celebrates Pride

The parade route led marchers down Market Street before ending at a reception in the Students’ Association.


On Saturday 11 February, Saints LGBT+ hosted St Andrews’ second annual LGBT+ pride parade. The march began at 11 am in St Salvator’s Quad. Several other groups, including Dance Society; Amnesty International Society; and Mermaids, the performing arts society, attended in solidarity.

University officials and academics including the proctor, Professor Lorna Milne, also attended.

The parade route led marchers down Market Street before ending at a reception in the Students’ Association. There, students were joined by representatives from HIV Awareness Charity, Terrence Higgins Trust, NHS Fife, Sexpression St Andrews, and the Scottish LGBT+ organisation Pink Saltire.

Chants of “Hey ho! Hey ho! Queerphobia has got to go,” “2-4-6-8 how do you know your kids are straight,” and “out of the closet, into the streets” could be heard throughout the march.

Before the parade, Ryan Hay, vice president of welfare for Saints LGBT+, said, “St Andrews PRIDE is Fife’s longest-running LGBT+ pride parade.”

“Pride parades have been a long-standing part of the LGBT+ movement, and the St Andrews parade represents a wonderful opportunity for students, local organisations, local residents, and University staff to gather together and show our support and love for the LGBT+ people in the community we share and beyond.”

“Organisers Saints LGBT+, along with Police Scotland and Fife Council, would be delighted to invite you to walk together with us in procession in solidarity with, celebration of, and love for the LGBT+ people in our lives.”

Sukhi Bains, the University of St Andrews equality and diversity officer, said, “I am grateful to the University community for facilitating the St Andrews PRIDE. Celebration of diversity is key to ensuring respect and dignity for our local and national communities of different sexual orientations. The public [is] invited to join the march to show togetherness and that people can be proud to be who they want to be.”


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