Music is Love’s Open Mic Nights return


Music is Love is a group here at St Andrews that is dedicated to fostering the music scene within our community. One of their most beloved, recurring events is their Open Mic Night at The Byre – usually happening every other week on Wednesday evenings throughout the semester. However, they haven’t hosted one since last semester in late November, but lucky for us, they’re back with their first Open Mic Night at The Byre tonight, February 15th, starting at 9pm!

I heard from Catriona Lamb on their plans for this semester and goals for the direction of their organization. Here’s what she had to say:

“After undergoing a committee restructure, Music is Love is back with a specific focus on Student Music events. With the return of our Open Mic Nights, we hope to foster and support fresh student music talent as well as to continue to support our current musicians. To that end, we have many exciting events coming up this semester, including the return of the Live-Lounges in association with Star Radio, as well as the On the Rocks Music cafés and a healthy smattering of Living Room gigs. On the 31 March we are excited to welcome Ryan O’Rielly (a folk-singer from Southampton with Irish roots) to St Andrews to share with us his wonderful music, with support from Student Musicians. We are also in the process of organising an event to celebrate the wonderful alumni of Music is Love who have gone on to focus on music post-graduation.

“After a month long hiatus due to venue issues, the Open Mics will continue to run for the remainder of the semester on a bi-weekly basis, beginning on 15 Wednesday at 9 pm in the Byre Bar. The Open Mics are essentially the backbone of Music is Love, it is where musicians get the chance to meet each other, get further involved with Music is Love, and gain the confidence to perform at some of our other events.

“Our aim this semester is to continue providing ample opportunities for the student musicians of St Andrews to share their talent as well as to meet and establish relationships with a passionate musical community. We hope to reach out to as many people as possible this semester and continue to spread our passion for live music across St Andrews.”

Feel free to find out more and keep up with events at their Facebook page: Music Is Love


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