Mr Grimeh hopes to improve the overall quality of the Union’s events and create new events for students to enjoy. His manifesto introduces the idea of “breaking the bubble” buses that would transport students to and from out-of-town destinations at night. This idea could be feasible; however, it would depend heavily on the cost of each bus ticket and the frequency of events.

As a student DJ, Mr Grimeh places a heavy emphasis on music acts.

In an interview with The Saint, he said, “[DoEs has] usually been a role that’s been filled by theatre people in the town. Lots of times, many of the candidates say very similar things along the lines of live music and things like that. I think I’m bringing in a very different perspective coming from this DJ background. […] It’s a lot more relevant to the nightlife of this town.”

Mr Grimeh also highlights his experience in hosting events at local clubs and appears confident that he can book “trendy and up-and-coming acts” for cheap prices.

While discussing his previous experience at a Rhode Island boarding school, he said, “We’d bring DJs, and a lot of the time we wouldn’t have the money for bigger acts, so we’d have to do a lot of research to find acts that wouldn’t cost as much. I know about these people because I do a lot of music blogging, [and] I’m really into the music industry.”

Regarding daytime events and non-club nights, Mr Grimeh would like to diversify with standup comedians and local bands.

He maintains, however, that club nights featuring popular music appeal to a large portion of the student body, adding, “You do also need to keep in mind that there is a large proportion of the student body that does like to go out and also finds it a bit boring sometimes in a small town of only three streets.”

Mr Grimeh also suggested that a cohesive Raisin Sunday event should be organised by the Union. He proposes the Union throw a “rager” in the evening to complement the various house parties in town. Considering the number of alcohol-related incidents that occur on Raisin, this plan might prove unpopular and potentially dangerous.


Mr Grimeh promises to improve the quality of Beacon Bar’s drinks and reduce the price of the Main Bar’s drinks. He does not fully explain how he intends to make drinks cheaper beyond implying that better ingredients and well-trained barstaff could improve Beacon’s revenue to the point of subsidising the Main Bar.


Addressing a common complaint levied against the Union, Mr Grimeh hopes to improve the general aesthetic of the building. He specifically mentions dimming lights and hanging more pictures on the walls in order to develop a stronger identity.

“We need to do some branding, we need get some more character, make their more of an atmosphere,” Mr Grimeh added. “We can’t have blank walls. We can’t have it feel like you’re in a cafeteria. There needs to be a vibe.”

Final assessment

Mr Grimeh has ample experience as a DJ, which could aid him in planning club nights within the Union. His inexperience in bureaucracy and budgeting, however, may impact his ability to implement many larger ideas.



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