Food and fun in Fife: review of the Fife Food Festival

Elischke de Villiers reviews the Fife Food Festival.


On a dreary Scottish winter’s morning, RAG Week commences, and what other than food could mark the start of an exciting seven days?

The 2017 Fife Food Festival did not fail to impress, despite the dismal weather. Upon entering Younger Hall, you were greeted with an array of colourful stalls displaying all sorts of tasty treats and saucy flavours. People were teeming around the aisles, eagerly dipping in to the tasters on each table.

In the main hall some of the big St Andrews names were present – the ever-delicious Jannettas sporting a Haggis flavoured ice-cream that was the hit of Burns Week; Forgans, with an array of their new menu options; and St Andrews Brewing Company with an assortment of their bottled beers, were just a few of the companies present. Both Jannettas and Forgans also offered a demonstration during the day to tickle your taste buds even further.

Photo: Natasha Franks

Besides the better known names, there was a variety of businesses present from all around Scotland, each with its own unique product. Chocolate Gold offered delicious vegan chocolate truffles, while The Occasional Cake Company presented strawberry and Prosecco cupcakes. Val’s Scottish Tablet Treats provided not only flavoured fudge, but fudge shaped in a myriad of ways (like Darth Vader, for example, if you happen to be a Star Wars fan). Among my favourites of the day was Mademoiselle Macaron, who boasted French macarons with a Scottish twist.

If you had a need to break the sweet fest with a bit of savoury, you could do so by visiting MaRobert’s Taste of Tanzania and dipping a chip into one of her tantalising chilli sauces. If you are a great cheese lover, you could visit The Damn Fine Cheese Company’s stall and taste their assortment of differently infused cheeses (the black pepper cheddar being my personal favourite).

Once you had filled your quota of tasters (and your bag with purchases), you followed your nose to the hot food room where you could find street food: Barnacles and Bones, an interesting take on beef and crab dishes, and the Harajuku Kitchen, for some Japanese udon noodles. If you still had not had enough, you could then brave the cold and visit the food trucks in Sallies quad, where waffles, burgers and pizza awaited you. Unfortunately, mostly due to the weather I think, this area was not quite as popular as the stalls inside Younger Hall.

Photo: Natasha Franks

The event itself, however, was a success as people both young and old streamed into the hall and milled around the stalls, testing and tasting. The hall, luckily fitted with chairs, generously allowed event-goers to sit inside while working on their food babies, before either going for round two or bundling up to head back home.

If you had any spare cash after your turn about the room, you could enter a raffle for a number of exciting prizes, or you could buy a Fife Food Festival tote bag containing a number of discount cards from local businesses to make your day complete.

All in all, the Fife Food Festival was a bang to the start of RAG week, and the perfect way to spend a rainy Saturday afternoon.


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