Fashion review DRA ball: the seven deadly sins


Last Friday night hundreds of students flocked to Lower College Lawn in anticipation of a night full of gambling, ice cream, and dancing. The DRAFP Committee threw their annual ball with the theme of the Seven Deadly Sins, which is the largest hall ball of the year. In accordance to the theme many attendees came dressed in different shades of black (wrath), red (lust), and green (envy).

Most men went for the traditional black tie look, with the occasional colored or patterned bow tie thrown in for some variety, although quite a few kilts were worn in full Scottish tradition. One gentleman stood out wearing a pink and navy striped tie with a navy blazer which was considered a pop of color among a sea of black and tartan. Some opted to go a bit more casual and only wear a blazer over a plain white button up. This wasn’t seen as being too out of place, as this is one of the more casual balls of the year.

For the ladies, most opted for a cocktail dress instead of a full gown, which further exhibits the relaxed aesthetic of this ball. Lace and cutouts seemed to be the leading style choice, although many pops of velvet were seen throughout the repertoire of the evening. One dress was a dark green shade of velvet with the long sleeves and part of the waist constructed of a sheer fabric. Another individual wore a red cocktail dress with with lace sleeves. This style was quite popular among partygoers, with lace inserts or sheer fabric being placed over the arms and shoulders and having cutouts near the waist, giving an air of seductiveness to a more conservative look. Many also opted for high leg slits that allowed for more movement, which would be needed as all of the different sections of the tent were packed with people, resulting in many long lines. However, this didn’t damper the mood, as there was simply so much to do.

One of the more unique dresses was a longer gown which only had solid material from the chest to mid thigh, with the rest being sheer black. The sheer fabric had metallic gold vines all over it, which gave the dress its unique style and made it stand out from the crowd. Another piece that stood out was a white strapless jumpsuit that was complimented by a grey jacket, as it isn’t quite warm enough yet to forgo an extra layer. There were quite a few jumpsuits and rompers that were showcased last Friday, but many were on the darker end of the color spectrum. One gentleman wore a plum colored double breasted suit that was far from ordinary. It was complimented with a simple black silken button up underneath that evoked an air of elegance and mystery.

Going along with the plum theme, another gentleman wore a velvet plum jacket that had a few hints of dark grey that stood out from the crowd. There was also a jacket of the same design, except instead of being plum it was a deep blue. These small additions of color can show off an individual’s unique sense of style, while still allowing them the elegance that comes with a tuxedo.

Overall, the ball was a huge success fashion-wise, as well as creating a vibrant and unique experience that differed from many of the other balls. Attendees pulled out their most creative outfits as well as going along with the theme, which added an extra touch to the night. Many are already in anticipation for next year’s ball, and are ready to break out new creative outfits whatever the theme.


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