An exciting style aesthetic CATWALK: undergrowth


On 4 February, CATWALK brought St Andrews a feast of fashion and flare. In partnership with The University of St Andrews’ RAG week, the event raised funds for three spectacular charities: Frontline Fife Homeless Services, Anthony Nolan, and Women for Women International. This year’s theme, undergrowth, proved to be as brilliant in concept as in execution; the show succeeded in portraying the surge of grime in an urban counterculture, deconstructed notions of fame, and revealed the divergence of this ‘undergrowth’ of fashion and music from mainstream culture and mass media.

Lightbox: Tom Oldridge

The runway fashions featured the works of Suck and See, April Hay, Kerrie ALDO, Dazzle & Jolt, HH Féluna, CoCo & VeVe, Studio 5, Neven, and even collaborative efforts with local charity shoppes. Suck and See, an independent fashion label, boasts flamboyant, printed clothing handmade in the UK. The models sported these playful samples with much confidence. Inspired by geology, April Hay’s pieces seamlessly fit with the undergrowth concept; such unique presentation was aesthetically stimulating. Handmade in Scotland, CATWALK introduced the audience to Kerrie ALDO whose pieces illuminate rich artistry and unmatched craftsmanship. Defying a pedestrian monochrome of dark hues, Dazzle & Jolt spiced up the runway with memorable prints and bright colours. Quite jovial and almost juvenile, the models embraced this brand’s distinctive premise. The inclusion of HH Féluna, the brainchild of Heather ChiTate, introduced a juxtaposition of the London cosmopolitan standard and ethnic prints with an African infusion. Two specific pieces, one fashioned with great structure, another more feminine in its flowing nature, pulled inspiration from a lioness den and a swan, respectively. The designs of CoCo & VeVe provided a vintage inspiration with a subtle modern twist. Wears of Studio 5 illustrated the importance of fashion ethics while supporting the show’s theme of undergrowth. Furthering urban counterculture, models wore the sweatshirts of Neven, a brand started by St Andrews student, Luka Terihaj. Overall, the runway fashions were refreshingly ready-to-wear, while still thought provoking.

Lightbox: Tom Oldridge

Fabulous wears not only flowed down the runway, but were also spotted throughout the audience. Additionally, the after party brought a wave of flirty frocks. Most individuals took a more casual approach to their outfit selection, though some attendees sported intricate designs and stunning separates. The two most notable pieces included a scarlet two-piece set complemented with surprisingly tasteful platforms, and a black bodycon mini with an edgy basket weave overlay and bright red lipstick. Rompers, in short and long variations, were quite popular, as were thigh high boots. An exceptional mixture of textures, including leather, lace, and silk, complemented the expected prevalence of little black ensembles. From casual t-shirts to suits and sequined garments, the gentlemen of the night sported a vast array of styles. Such individuality was welcomed!

CATWALK sparked style inspiration both on and off the runway, while embracing the objectives of undergrowth to present a beautiful and diverse collection.


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