2016 Freshers’ Week a success

Profits and attendance hit record highs

Freshers’ Week 2016 achieved a 30.5 per cent profit increase, as compared to last year’s events, according to Director of Events and Services Taryn O’Connor. Last September’s Freshers’ Week events ran from 3 September to 11 September.
“Six out of our nine club nights sold out in addition to two of our three non-club night events,” Ms O’Connor said in an email statement. “Club nights that did not sell out still sold over 1,000 tickets each.”
Though no specific changes to Freshers’ Week were clarified, Ms O’Connor stated that both attendance and revenue had increased significantly from 2015 to 2016.
This was done without raising ticket prices. “Student satisfaction and accessibility is and always has been our goal,” Ms O’Connor said.
The success of Refreshers’ Week 2017 is yet to be announced. Featured events of the week included last Thursday’s Cascada concert, as well as last Friday’s Miley vs. Nicki BOP.
Ms O’Connor emphasised that student satisfaction is the driving force behind changes applied to Freshers’ and Refreshers’ Week.
“Union events […] always start with a single, simple question: ‘How can we make this the best experience we can for students?’”


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