The Saint’s 2017 housing guide

A handy reference to make the process of finding private housing that much less painful.

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Finding a halfway-decent and affordable student rental in St Andrews is no one’s idea of a cakewalk. That’s why The Saint has compiled a list of letting agencies in the town to make your job just a little bit easier.

Note that the details given on requirements are not necessarily exhaustive, and that you should check with the letting agency for certainty.

Alba St Andrews

The housing list will be released in the first week of February, and can be found on their Facebook page.You will need proof that you are a student (a matriculation card should do) and a reference letter from your current landlord. Bookings for viewing appointments, of which any group may schedule a maximum of two, should be made by phone.

125B Market Street

01334 470028


This agency’s housing list can be found on their website or at their offices starting on the 2nd February. Applications will be accepted through the 7th February (yes, that is a short window, so don’t delay), and require a character reference, a reference from your current landlord, proof of current address, and your matriculation card. Applications must be received before viewings are arranged.

139 South Street

01334 479479


The process begins with an email to their office indicating your needs (see this link). You will receive a reply with a list of suitable properties and details on booking a viewing (beginning February). You will need to return an application form with a  landlord reference and a character reference from a teacher or a colleague / boss (i.e., someone you have known in an official capacity), as well as photo ID, after which an interview will be arranged.

17 Whytescauseway (Kirkcaldy)

01592 201500

Inchdairnie Properties

The process begins with an email to the agency expressing what your group is looking for; emails will be accepted through the 3rd February. The agency will then respond with a list of suitable properties and an invitation to schedule viewings. Your group must then attend an interview at the agency with a completed application form for each group member (see this link for more information). You will additionally need two references: one from your current landlord, and one from someone you’ve known for an extended period of time.

50 Argyle Street

01334 477011

Lawson Thompson

The list for this agency is released in late January (the agency suggests that interested groups should subscribe to their Facebook page to hear about properties as they are added to the list). When emailing the office a completed application form, the applicant may indicate  a maximum of two properties he or she is interested in viewing. You must indicate your commitment to rent a property by 9am the day directly following any viewings. If your application is successful, you will be required to submit a landlord reference, a guarantor form, and a copy of your matric card, in addition to a deposit payable by the first of August.

205B South Street

01334 845145


This agency’s list is released on the 1st February. This agency does not organise viewings for its properties and there is therefore no limit to how many you may view, but the flipside to this is that you will have to approach the current tenants yourself (the agency does not supply contact info). On the application form, you may indicate a first and second choice, and will need to attach a character reference, a landlord reference, a guarantor form, and a copy of valid ID.

6 & 11 Bell Street

01334 47770

StoneHouse Lettings

This agency releases a rolling housing list, which can be seen at their offices on South Street. You will need a reference from your current landlord, your matriculation card for any viewings, and, should you choose to rent from them, a deposit of six weeks rent (payable in July). Be aware that all applicants must attend any viewing appointments you schedule, and that any one group may see a maximum of four of their properties.

110 South Street

01334 800630


This agency’s property list goes live in mid-February, and may be accessed on their website. In addition to the application form, you must provide a guarantor statement (available on their website), proof of address (within the past three months), and two references (signed): one from your current landlord, and one character reference from “a suitable source.” Be aware that a scheduled viewing is mandatory before filing an application, and that a group may view a maximum of three properties.

17-21 Bell Street

01334 474200

Town and Gown

The housing list will be released some time in January. The application form, which may be found on their website, should be completed before you arrange a viewing. Should you choose to apply for the property, you should first email, then phone the office indicating your interest. You will then schedule a first meeting, at which you will submit two references – a landlord reference and a personal reference – a parental guarantee form, and a copy of your matric card.

Bell Rock View

01334 880787


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