Mermaid’s Christmas Ball: style review

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The Mermaid’s annual Christmas Ball put its best foot forward, and so did the guests, but in a bit of a more literal sense. Unlike themes of the past few years, such as Harry Potter, Narnia, and Willy Wonka, this years was a bit more Christmas geared; featuring The Nightmare Before Christmas. The committee went all out with decorations, featuring upside-down and decorated Christmas trees, a Christmas themed playlist in one of the rooms, and of course Santa’s Grotto. Guests dressed along with theme, showing up mainly in red, green, and black. Unlike many of the previous balls, save for Reeling, mainly women opted to go for a full ballgown, rather than cocktail or tea length dresses. Guests pulled their most fabulous outfits out of the back of their closets and made sure that their dresses and tuxes were dry-cleaned and ready for an evening full of prosecco and Christmas cheer.

Along with the change of length, many gowns had some form of embellishment on them, as well as cut outs and mesh popping up occasionally. Touches of gold and silver were popular in the forms of purses or statement jewelry that meshed well with the decorations and added something different to each outfit. Chokers showed up quite frequently, going along with one of the latest and most prominent fashion trends this year. Many were just the classic black, but some had a charm hanging from it or were paired with the color of the attendees attire. Backless dresses were quite popular, along with many plunging v-necks, keyhole accents, and leg slits for longer gowns. A common accessory was the classic red lip, following along with the Christmas theme. Many women also showed up with hair just as colorful as the evening. Rocking shades of teal and pink, that gave just another pop of colour that separated them from the crowd of thousands.

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For men, the common dress was a tuxedo, although many chose to change things up a bit and add a pop of color in the bow tie, sometimes matching their dates attire. Many opted for red or dark burgundy, but there were quite a few touches of green and two striped yellow and green bow ties. Patterned bow-ties showed up quite a bit, along with a few Christmas ties. Another prominent feature was a gentleman wearing a bright red tie along with a matching pocket square. A nod to the past, while still keeping things fun and fashionable. Many also opted for colorful dress socks that added a bit of colour to a full black tuxedo; allowing men to express their wilder side, while still sticking to the black-tie dress code.

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Some of the more original outfits on the female side of things included a sequined, short two piece combination, along with a light blue jumpsuit, which made sitting on santa’s lap just a bit easier than for those in full gowns. Another prominent ensemble was a bright orange gown with ruffled sleeves, that combined the dressiness of the ball with the halloween side of the theme that many chose to avoid. Another was a two piece combination of a cap-sleeve black top paired with a metallic green skirt that flared out and looked as elegant as it was classic. Many, that opted for a shorter dress, paired that with a pair of more prominent heels, normally a bright color or a strappy, lace-up pair.

It is safe to say that many broke out their best, and most bejeweled gowns along with their finest jewlery for this last main event before exam season begins, followed by a much needed winter break. Often known as the most formal ball of the year, the Mermaids lived up to these expectations, and the fashion certainly did as well. Leaving students with the memories of a fun-filled and fashionable evening, Christmas Ball continued to delight, and ensure another year of anticipation yet to come.

Lightbox: Ilaria Maresi
Photo: Lightbox



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