University to raise tuition fees to £9,250 per year

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The University of St Andrews has raised tuition fees for students from England, Wales and Northern Ireland to £9,250 per year.

The changes come following legislation introduced by the UK government earlier this year aimed at allowing high performing Universities to raise the amount they could charge in fees.

In other changes to the fees that students are charged for studying at St Andrews, international students will now be charged the same fee they were charged in their first year, for their entire time at the University.

The St Andrews Students’ Association released a statement today (7 November) saying, “At the recent Student Representative Council (SRC) meeting held on the 1st November 2016, councillors discussed several issues in relation to tuition fees. The first area was a discussion of the Scottish Government’s recent decision to increase postgraduate support in Scotland and the SRC welcomed this commitment.

“The second area of discussion acknowledged and welcomed the University’s recent decision that, from the 2017/18 cohort onwards, all overseas undergraduate students (barring Medicine students) will pay the same tuition fee they are charged in their first year for the entire duration of their studies. This dramatically reduces the level of uncertainty overseas undergraduate students will experience with regards to how much their tuition fees will be each year.

“The largest portion of the discussion focused upon the University’s decision to raise, from next years’ cohort onward, the cost of tuition fees for Rest of the UK students (RUK) from £9000 to £9250 a year. This increase will be covered by student loans. It is in line with inflationary rises in tuition fees permitted from 2017 by previous legislation voted upon by the British government. The SRC decided not to oppose this increase in fees, given that loans will cover the increase and the rise is in line with provisions outlined in previous legislation. The SRC has, however, decided that in its next meeting on November 15th, it will debate a policy stating its position on all tuition fees.”

The statement went on to explain why the SRC chose not to oppose the hike in fees.

“The SRC believes that all academically excellent students should be able to attend the University of St Andrews should they so choose, and the SRC opposes any measure that would prevent this. The SRC recognises that this particular change is a result of government legislation and a need for the University to maintain financial viability when sector wide funding cuts and the potential loss of valuable future support from the EU, financial or otherwise, is particularly concerning.

“We believe that highlighting and challenging those two sources of concern is more pressing, as both demonstrate movement in a direction that could potentially prove prohibitive to students attending high quality universities in the future.”

The University has been contacted for comment.


  1. Good. The fees raise every year for international students.

    But EU students should have to pay. The fact that english people pay but Europeans dont is ridiculous


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