The year in film isn’t over yet

Rosamund Pike and Seretse Khama in 'A United Kingdom'

The year might be coming to an end but some of the most anticipated films of the year are still to come. If you need a distraction from elections, essays, and exams look out for one of these in cinemas soon.

ArrivalIn cinemas now

Based on Ted Chiang’s, Story of Your Life, Amy Adams is a linguist who is recruited to help communicate with a fleet of aliens who have landed around the world. The pressure is on, will the aliens prove to be peaceful or will they pose a threat that it is up to Adams to decipher?

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them18 November

Perhaps the most anticipated film of the year, the Harry Potter prequel set in 1920’s New York is set to delight fans, both new and old. But the question on everyone’s mind; will Dumbledore make a surprise appearance (or at least get a mention?)

A United Kingdom25 November

Rosamund Pike and Seretse Khama in 'A United Kingdom'
Rosamund Pike and Seretse Khama in A United Kingdom

Amma Asante’s new love story follows the relationship between heir to the Botswana throne, Seretse Khama, (David Oyelowo) and office worker, Ruth Williams (Rosamund Pike). Split between post-war England and a racially divided Africa the couples’ marriage becomes a controversial matter of state, forcing them to fight against prejudice and choose between love and duty.

Allied25 November

Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard play two spies who fall in love (sound familiar?) after being assigned the same mission to help the Allied forces win the Second World war.. But in the midst of such all-encompassing fear and destruction is it possible to start a new life and hold on to something good? And is setting it in Casablanca giving it too great a reputation to live up to?

Almost Christmas – 25 November

Walter (Danny Glover) brings together his family for their first Christmas after the death of his wife, the woman who held their family together. The film is a fun family comedy, but it is also a helpful reminder that we should be sensitive to the difficulty that the festive season presents for some people.

Moana2 December

Disney's latest Princess 'Moana'
Disney’s latest Princess ‘Moana’

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new Disney film, but Moana isn’t your typical attempt to take commercial advantage of the festive season. Instead the animated feature is a mystery fuelled adventure set in Hawaii, which joins Princess Moana with her demi-God hero to complete her ancestor’s ancient quest. Merchandise is sure to follow, but so will praise for Disney’s attempt to introduce more diversity into their films.

Sully 2 December

Tom Hanks stars as Chesley ‘Sully’ Sullenberger, the pilot behind the Miracle on the Hudson. Simultaneously named a hero and subjected to a controversial investigation Hanks explores Sully’s life after the landing.

Office Christmas Party9 December

How do you cope with the pressure of throwing the perfect Christmas party when the success of your business hinges on the success of your party? And how do you stop your co-workers from getting so wild that they can’t face each other until Easter? This comedy for the holidays tries to find the balance between Christmas fun, and office professionalism.

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story15 December

In the Star Wars spin-off, a group of rebel fighters sets out to steal the plans for a space station the Galactic Empire wants to build; The Death Star. Star Wars fans are some of the most dedicated, and of course critical, but Rogue One is sure to satisfy them until the release of Episode VIII next year.

Passengers23 December

Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in 'Passengers'
Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in ‘Passengers’

The final space film of the season stars Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt who wake up on a spacecraft 90 years before they are supposed to and only halfway to their final destination. The reason for their early awakening becomes clearer as the two explore the spacecraft and (of course) fall in love. But will they reach their destination, and a happily ever after, or will the film take a more sinister turn?

Collateral Beauty30 December

Will Smith plays Howard, a man struggling to cope with crippling depression following the death of his daughter. He turns to letter writing – writing to love, time, and even death. But as his friends become increasingly worried about him they decide to personify these ideas and force Howard to confront them and his grief. Keira Knightley, Helen Mirren, Naomie Harris, and Kate Winslet are just a few of the women who make up the impressive cast.


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