1. TEDx Launch Party

On Thursday10 November, TEDx will allow the student body to choose the student speaker for this year’s TEDx conference.


On Friday 11 November, TEA returns to The Rule for another sure-to-sell-out event.

3. Welly Ball

Always a must attend, Welly Ball will herald the arrival of clay p-geon shooting clubs from across the country on Saturday 12 November.


On Sunday 13 November, SENSE will unveil an exhibition like no other. Music, food and art will all be on display.

5. Re:fashion

On Monday 14 November, the town’s most affordable fashion collective returns. Find a new ward-robe for unbeatable prices.

6. Wine and Sleaze

On Tuesday 15 November, the minds behind Don’t Guac return with another parody event. For £14.99, guests will receive a bottle of wine and exactly forty pounds of cheese.

7. Itchy Feet Returns

A crowd favourite, Itchy Feet will arrive at The Vic on Tuesday 15 November. Rock n roll will be the theme of the night, for less than a tenner entry fee


On Tuesday 15 November, the Just So Society will present RENT, a fresh look for a classic production.


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